Yasyf Mohamedali

Senior Eng + Former Founder

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Hi! I’m Yasyf. I’ve spent my entire life building: software, teams, and companies. You can throw me at any problem and I’ll make progress.

My interests are in developer tooling (I built a security x devtools company), open-source frameworks (I was a Rails contributor), and language design/compilers (I taught MIT’s grad compilers class).

My eternal love is Ruby, but recently I’ve been building a better Google Flights in Elixir to check out what all the hype is about.

My ideal role is heavily technical, while taking advantage of my background as a product leader and executive.

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Square, Facebook, MIT, Computer Science, Master's, Startups, OSS
Ruby, Rails, Elixir, Python, TypeScript, React, Go
DevOps, DevTools, APIs, SDKs, AWS


Sym 2020-2022 I built the first release of Sym’s Python SDK and sandboxed runtime before shifting focus to building out the company. I routinely architected new systems and authored docs.
Highlight: automating CI releases of a codesigned CLI for macOS.
Karuna Health (Acquired) 2018-2020 I built a HIPAA-compliant communications platform that guaranteed at-least-once delivery across a variety of channels, then built a product team around it.
Highlight: a Rails-like DSL for data fetching & cache invalidation across microservices.
Technical Advisor
HBO (Silicon Valley) 2019 I worked closely with the cast and writers to provide input on technical and cultural topics.
Grad School
MIT & First Round Capital 2017-2018 My thesis explored how we can use software to make venture capital more equitable for underrepresented minorities. I built high-fidelity tools to collect sufficient data.
Highlight: an end-to-end fundraising CRM that won Product Hunt’s “Product of the Day”.
Localytics, Square & Facebook 2014-2017 In college, I spent time as an IC at these companies, working mostly in React, Go, and Ruby. My work at Square was featured in the New York Times. There was even a viral side project!