Jun 2016
Aug 2016 (Ongoing)

Software Engineering Intern


Full-stack engineering on the Local Ads team.


Jan 2016
Feb 2016

Software Development Intern

Jane Street

Server and client developent in OCaml to enable support for RPC calls via Websockets in generated JavaScript apps.


Oct 2015
Aug 2016 (Ongoing)

Managing Partner

Dorm Room Fund

Student-run $500k venture fund provided by First Round Capital. Responsibilities include managing team, sourcing companies, analyzing investments, and supporting the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Jun 2015
Sept 2015

Software Engineering Intern


Full-stack web and service development on the Customer Engagement team. Responsible for building an end-to-end platform for sharing merchant content on social networks, facilitating customer acquisition via viral growth. Rails, Go, Ember/CoffeeScript.


May 2014
Oct 2015

Chief Software Architect

Foxtrot Systems

Turned years of algorithmic R&D into an API consumable by multiple clients. Built intuitive, easy-to-access web dashboard (Angular/Coffeescript). Designed sophisticated, distributed infrastructure for hosting and deployment (Flask/Python on AWS and Heroku).


Jun 2014
Sept 2014

Software Development Intern


Feature work on the Localytics Analytics Dashboard (Rails, CoffeeScript, Angular). Solely responsible for planning and implementing a saved reports feature in Node which included significant infrastructure (EC2, RDS, SQS, Elasticache, ELB). DevOps work including Dockerizing services and the development of an in-house gamified code coverage system.


Jan 2014
Oct 2014


Students of Strength

Creatied and managed an online tutoring, learning, and scheduling system that services thousands of monthly users. Platform is currently in active use by students, tutors, and teachers across the USA.


Sept 2013
Aug 2016 (Ongoing)

Engineering Leadership MD

MIT Sloan Business Club

Organize and coordnate events with sponsors. Developed new website and administrative backend from scratch (Django/Python). Webmaster, Managing Director of Engineering Leadership, and member of the executive board. Created access portals for companies at various events.


Jan 2013
Jan 2014

App Developer


Independently developed desktop application (Java) to facilitate simple encryption for the masses. Features a built-in chat client for seamless messaging. Currently distributed on the Mac App Store, along with branded versions for several business to handle sensitive payment information.


Jan 2009
Sept 2014

Web Developer

VanIsland Sites

Web design, SEO, and custom development solutions, including various projects in PHP, Java, JavaScript (Meteor.js), and Python. Many unique projects that integrate various technologies based on the individual needs of clients.


Jan 2006
Aug 2016 (Ongoing)

Coding Projects

Yasyf Mohamedali

Everything from Slack bots for VCs to a search engine and marketplace for MIT Textbooks to Shamer, a gamified code coverage leaderboard. Others include Clarity, a service that parses events from emails and adds them to your calendar, and PostPushr, which bridges the gap between email and snailmail.


Aug 2006
Aug 2016 (Ongoing)

Technology Consultant

Yasyf Mohamedali Consulting

Technology consulting on various issues impacting small businesses, including advice and training on the basics of security, software, and hardware.


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